1. Hello, can you tell me if there is a bus from malaga to nerja. we hope to go there on 29th of october. thank you

  2. Do you have to prebook for the Nerja caved or can we just go there on the bus and get in? Is entry timed?


  4. Hello Linda. Here you can book a ticket for the cave. Enjoy it! Hilario

  5. What date is the procession & fireworks during the Feria de las Maravillas in Maro. Can anyone confirm if it’s September 8th. Thank you

  6. That should have read Feria de Las Maravillas. Don’t know what happened there.

  7. En éste apartado no va a envontrar la información de turismo del ayuntamiento.

    Mientras los encargados de la página se dan cuenta de éste error acceda mediante el enlace turismo.nerja.es

  8. Otras páginas web con información de turismo de Nerja /Other webpages about Nerja tourism information: guideofnerja.com, nerjaweb.com, turismo.infonerja.com, nerja-turismo.com

  9. Bonjour
    Nous sommes en vacances sur velez malaga nous souhaiterions savoir si à nerja il y a un marché nocturne donc le soir aux abords de la plage

  10. We woud like to do the chillar walk the comming days.
    Is there enough water to make the walk worth it?

  11. Do you have a tourist map of nerja you can send me?

  12. Hello,

    I am wanting to know the bus times from Nerja to Malaga bus station. I am planning a trip next March and need to know how often and the times so I can plan my return journey to Malaga airport.

    Many thanks


  13. Hello Paul, you can check the website http://www.alsa.es and even book your bus tickets in advance. There are regular buses going from Malaga to Nerja and back every day.

  14. Hola estamos pensando un viaje a Málaga. Nos podríais decir si hay algún tren que lleve a Berna? Gracias

  15. Hello, we would like have a day trip to Frigiliana from Nerja. Would you like share a bus schedule to me ?
    Thanks a lot ^_^

  16. Hi!
    Do you know of anywhere in Nerja where we can attend spanish cooking classes please?
    This is for the period mid November to mid December this year.

    Thanks. Mike Wood.

  17. Queremos pasar una semana en Nerja en Julio, vamos con una niña. En qué zona es mejor buscar alojamiento para ir andando a la playa y al centro?

  18. Hello, What day of the week is closing day for El Casino restaurant in Frigiliana?

  19. Hola. We would like to walk from Nerja to Frigiliana. Do you have any maps or information that you could email me. Many thanks. Brigit

  20. Hello. Me gustaria saber donde puedo hacer kite surf en Julio cerca de Velez Malaga, Nerja, Torrenueva o Rincon de la Victoria ? Gracias pour su repuesta.

  21. I would like to know the dates of the 2020 February carnival please, as I am wanting to book my flights.

    Thank you.

  22. Hi I will be arriving in Nerja, from Ireland, late on Friday 31/10/2019 and would like to watch the final of the Rugby World Cup at 10:00am on Saturday 1/11/2019. Can you recommend a good pub or hotel that will be showing the match live please?

  23. Hi, we are planning a trip in April. Are there good gyms and tenniscourts/tennisclubs in Nerja?

  24. We are visiting Nerja 1st and leaving early on 12th April 2020. Will there be a procession with The Nazerenos on Friday 10th April??

  25. Hi
    We are due to come to nerja this August. We have been coming for years and my husband uses the gym on a day pass. The gym is small on the main road into nerja there are two cafes next door and hair salon. My apologies as I don’t the name. Could you tell me under the present circumstances if it will be open and if it is open to uk visitors.
    Many thanks

  26. Hola,

    Es posible pasar por el río chillar ahora?


  27. Hola!
    Estan abiertas las cuevas?
    Se puede acceder con carrito de bebe?

    Un saludo

  28. Está abierto el río Chillar? Se puede hacer senderismo durante los fines de semana de Agosto 2020?Gracias

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