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Thursday, 24 July 2014

Once again we have different gas companies knocking on everyone’s door to make the gas revision. We have received complaints informing us that they intend by all means to get into the house saying that it is compulsory to make the gas revision and if you do not do it, they will cut the gas and you will have many other problems. Also, once they have managed to convince you to let them in your house, they will charge extremely high prices, from 120 € to 240 €, when a simple revision will cost approx. 60 €.

Say no and do not let them into your house.

The gas revision is to be done every 5 years but with the company that you choose and you have phoned previously to make an appointment for them to come to your house.

In Nerja we have 2 gas companies with an office where you can contact them or complain if necessary:

- Repsol (orange bottles):

  Garcia & Hijos in calle Antonio Millon, Edf. Peñafiel. Tel. 952 52 4195 or in the industrial estate on the road to Frigiliana. Tel. 952 52 3220.

- Cepsa (silver bottles):

  Servigas, calle Mirto 1 house number 12. Tel. 952 521593.


Friday, 21 February 2014
The Government has decided that all Foreigners registered on the Padron, Population List that have not renewed their inscription before the end of March will be taken out of the list. In Nerja there are around 2,200 foreigners that have not confirmed their registration on the Padron. Renewal must be done every 2 years. Nerja Town Hall receives an average annual amount of 90 € per person registered on the Padron from the Regional and Central Government. This could mean loosing an income of around 200,000 € for services such as doctors, police, schools, infrastructure, firemen and social care. Please come and check that you are still on the Padron. It is very easy. You just have to come to the Town Hall Foreigners Department with the following: (Copies accepted).·      NIE certificate (a white sheet)     or ·      Residencia certificate or card (a green sheet or card)Please note that just bringing the NIE number written on a piece of paper is not valid. You can see Jacky at the Foreigners Department, on the ground floor on Mondays and on Thursdays from 10:00 to 14:00. Several languages as English, French, Italian and a bit of German, are spoken in this office. You can also come to the Main Reception on the ground floor any day Monday to Friday from 08:30 to 13:30. Registering on the Padron for the first timeIf you live in Nerja at least 3 or 4 months every year, please come to the Foreigners Department and register.Documents to present: (copies accepted)·      NIE certificate (a white sheet) or Resident certificate / card (a green sheet or card). Please note that bringing the NIE number written on a piece of paper is not valid.·      Passport.·      One of the following receipts in your name: electricity, water, telephone, Internet, gas, rental contract, IBI or title deeds (Escritura).   Persons registered on the Padron will have the following benefits:·      Reductions at the Municipal Swimming Pool and in all sport activities of the local Sports Stadium.·      Obtain a parking space at the Verano Azul municipal parking for 30 € per month if you have been on the Padron for a minimum of one year.·      Reductions on the general rates IBI receipt.·      Register your children at school. ·      Vote in the Local Elections or even present yourself as candidate. ·      Vote in the European Elections.  Apart from the above, Pensioners registered on the Padron, will also have: ·      Reductions on the local bus by presenting a Padron certificate, volante, and a colour photo to the Verano Azul office (behind the Monica Hotel in Calle Chaparil). ·      Applying for the 65 Card, Tarjeta 65 and have reductions on:Buses to Malaga and other cities of Andalucia, glasses, hearing aids, panic button assistance, entries in Selwo, etc.      To obtain the 65 card you must be:1)      Registered on the Padron.2)      Over 65 years old.3)      Have a Resident card or certificate (a green card or sheet).Forms are available at Nerja Foreigners Department.·         Applying for social care benefits. You must be on the Padron for a period that can vary from 1 to 5 years.


Wednesday, 5 February 2014
                   The Nerja Town Hall Foreigners Department is preparing Residents Day 2014 and has the pleasure of inviting your Association or Club to the meeting that will take place on Wednesday, 12th of February at 13:00h at the meeting room “Salon de Plenos” of the Town Hall, second floor.             Residents Day will be on Sunday, April 27th and will be celebrated at the Plaza de España, behind the Town Hall. There will be stands showing their information, bars offering food and drinks, and a stage with music and entertainment all day from 12:00 to 19:00.              If you have an Association, Club, Magazine or Health Clinic in the nearby area with relation with foreigners, that would like to participate with a stand at Residents Day or you would like to perform on the stage, please contact Jacky at Nerja Foreigners Department any day at Tel. 952 54 8401 or better by email to   

Wednesday, 5 February 2014


Tuesday, 17 December 2013
There is confusion regarding when renewals take place, as this date normally is not shown on the document. All the applications and bank payment forms together with a translation of the necessary documents required are available free at Nerja Foreigners Department. We inform of the following renewal dates:RESIDENT CARD OR CERTIFICATE: After 5 years.Residents will only have to renew their Residencia once, as after 5 years you become a Permanent Resident and renewals will no more be necessary.Residencias and renewals are applied for at Torre del Mar Police Station. To check if you are a Permanent Resident, see if your card or certificate states in the middle lines “residente con caracter permanente”. If you have the old big green sheet, you can change it for a small green card (without a photo) at any time even if renewal is not due. The Residence Card will cost 10.40 € and it will be given on the same day. The Resident Card includes your NIE number which will always be the same number. When presenting anywhere, show your Resident Card as it gives you more benefits than an NIE certificate. NIE: Does not need renewal.Contradictorily, the recent NIE certificate states at the bottom that it is only valid for three months. This does not mean that you have to renew your NIE every 3 months. It means that if you have to give in your original NIE certificate to any official organism, they might ask for it to be renewed (at Torre del Mar National Police Station) as any certificate stating “Certifico or Certificado” at the top lasts for three months.But normally, this is not the case, so you do not need to renew your NIE. Your NIE number will always be the same.   PADRON: Every 2 years.If you live in Nerja more than 3 or 4 months every year, you should register on the Padron, the town population list. The more persons registered, the more money the Town Hall will receive from the Regional and Central Government for doctors, police, schools, infrastructure, etc.After 2 years you will receive a reminder letter asking you to renew your Padron and come to the Town Hall with your NIE or Resident Card.Only the first time that you register on the Padron it will last for 5 years counting from the date shown on your NIE or Resident Card.Please come to the Foreigners Department to register on the Padron or to check that you still figure on this population list.Documents required:To register on the Padron for the first time, present copy of:·      NIE Certificate or Resident Card (not just the number, the document).·      Passport.·      One of the following receipts in your name: electricity, water, telephone, internet, gas, rental contract, IBI or title deeds (Escritura). To renew your Padron, present copy of:·      NIE Certificate or Resident Card (not just the number, the document). Please come to the Foreigners Department to register on the Padron and collaborate to improve your town, which is Nerja. 
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Inocencia Quintero

Greetings for the Councillor

"The foreign population is of great importance to the Local Governing Body. For this reason, through the Foreigners Department, we will continue in our efforts to encourage the integration of foreigners into our society and help everyone who has chosen to make Nerja their home. I remain at your disposal at Nerja Town Hall Foreigners Department. Kind regards"

Inocencia Quintero

Foreigners Department

Foreigners Department

Opening hours: Mondays 10:00 - 14:00. Thursdays 10:00 a 14.00 Telephone: (00 34) 952 54 8401 Email: The Nerja Foreigners Department is on the ground floor of the Town Hall next to the main entrance. We will be pleased to assist all foreigners that need general information on living in Nerja.

Foreigners Department. Nerja Town Hall.
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